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Our Ideal Summer Day in Montauk

As promised, each season our staff will keep you updated on their favorite things to do in Montauk! We have a big staff this summer, so here goes!

A few shots of our summer thus far!!


5:45 AM: Wake up and watch the sunrise…no matter what season, this is a must for an Ideal Day!

7-11 AM: Attend our continental breakfast, chat with the guests, and get downstairs to our studio to teach a killer class or private lesson – Always starts the day right for me!

11 AM: Get to the beach! A dip in the salt water will make any day the best day…after that

12 PM: Bike ride on our tandem bike up to the harbor, stop and grab lunch somewhere, and ice cream at ben and jerries….continue the bike ride to navy road where I’ll jump off the hangar dock!!

3 PM: Lunch of some sort, chosen from any of the many restaurants or cafes in town

6 PM: Drop in to our Paint and Sip by the pool area!!! Sip wine and paint a scene from Montauk (what could be better?)

8 PM: Dinner with friends and family, picnic style on the beach for sunset (Koda incuded – the albatross golden retriever!)

9 PM: Get to bed early…. I am a so much more of a morning person! But if the friends are out for drinks, meet them and socialize…then bed with the boyfriend!



6 AM: Wake up and do my stretches

7 AM: Make a cup of coffee, and watch or read a little bit of news as I sip my coffee

8:30 AM: Head down to the Albatross for the continental breakfast, talk with the guests and enjoy a nice bagel in the courtyard

10 AM: Get to a beach or check out the lighthouse for a nice long walk

1 PM: Make a nice lunch at home, or pick up a sandwich from town

3 PM: Head for a nap in the nice AC at the Daunt Compound

5 PM: Get back to the Albatross, to see everyone, do my rounds, and spend some time with the family

6:30 PM: Have a family dinner at the house or go out to one of our favorite restaurants in town

8 PM: Catch the sunset from any of the beautiful beaches out here



8 AM: Roll out of bed, throw a bathing suit on, and take Koda (the golden retriever puppy) for a walk down to the beach. Jump in the ocean to wake myself up.

9 AM: On the way back, stop at Naturally Good for breakfast, and Herbs for a coffee. After I got back, I would catch up with whoever is working that day and make sure there are no pressing issues. After that, I would head back down to the beach and either go back to sleep or read whatever book I was reading at the time.

1 PM: Head off the beach and go to Hoodoos for lunch. (The most under-rated unknown food spot in Montauk.) I would probably get a fish bubba and a kombucha,  and then do my rounds around town. Stop at the post office to grab the mail, the bank to deposit checks, and at 668 the Gigshack to catch up with the staff/family there. Once i got back, I would go work out by the pool or grounds on whatever planting we had to do that day.

5 PM: Head over to one of the many restaurant options in Montauk that has sushi with a boat load of friends and family. Commence sushi intake until I am ready to explode. (Try the lady slipper at Inlet Seafood, its unreal.

8 PM: I would have a slow pitch softball game with the Gigshack team at Lions field, where we would win the championship. ( Hey, ideal day right?) Afterwards, go to the Gigshack to celebrate and pop the bubbly until it was time for bed.


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