Daunt’s Albatross Motel

Exterior of hotel building with white walls and pale blue doors.

Keeping Montauk “Montauk” for 40 years

A family-run operation

As Montauk has changed around us, we have focused on staying true to our roots, while also modernizing to meet the changing demands of the traveler. We aim to welcome families, couples, young and old. We want everyone to feel right at home, and part of the Daunt family. We believe that the magic of Montauk is in its natural beauty, the beach, the abundance of activities, and the seemingly inexhaustible options for delicious food and drink.

We are a family-run business who lives on-premises, ensuring that whatever happens, you can feel safe at Daunt’s Albatross. Having spent our lives growing up in the community, we can point you in the right direction. whether that’s a hidden spot to watch the sunset, or the best restaurant for a sushi roll, we are here to help make your Montauk experience everything you’ve imagined it to be.

The History of the Albatross

In a nutshell; Richard and Frances Daunt fell in love with Montauk, NY in the 1960’s, and eventually bought a small bungalow on Old Montauk Highway. As their love for this quaint little town grew, they developed a passion for introducing their friends to their hidden paradise. That desire, combined with an innate ability to welcome people into their family, created a revolving door of people dying to come visit. As they left on Sundays to go back to work, they had to wave goodbye to their friends staying behind to enjoy Montauk. This didn’t sit well with them, they liked being the greeters, not the leavers, and eventually, a conversation led to a meeting, which led to a trip to the bank, and low and behold, the Daunt’s Albatross Motel was purchased (1977.) Now there was always room for an extra friend, and Rich and Fran’s Montauk family gradually grew and grew.

This desire to spread Montauk’s beauty and welcome all newcomers is what’s responsible for Montauk becoming what it is now. And while there is of course a sense of nostalgia for what it once was, there is even more excitement for what it has become, and what it is capable of. At Daunt’s Albatross, we will never waver from our initial motivation, which was to introduce people to the beauty of Montauk through the welcoming of people into Daunt’s Albatross and by extension into our family.

We have always made it a priority to put our guests wants and needs first, and to provide only the best service to anyone who steps through our doors. And like we said earlier, we truly aim to have all guests leave feeling like they are a part of the Daunt family. Providing exceptional service to others doesn’t only include treating each and every guest with love and respect, it includes treating our staff, our town and our establishment with a little TLC as well.

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