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Vastu Yoga – Ideal Living Studio

A note from our Resident Yoga Instructor, Lacey Daunt;

Recently, I took a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I expected this trip to be like any other vacation – lots of lounging, desserts, and exercise only in the form of re-filling my pina colada – but, to my surprise, I was completely wrong in that assumption. 

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Vastu Yoga

Vastu – Which translates into “Energy” is a type of Yoga that’s sequence is based around creating space in the body + mind.

Yoga, in my experience, has always been about connecting the mind + body through breath. It has brought me light on my darkest days.

Yoga allows us to get closer and closer to reaching our highest self and our truest form – and I have never quite experienced yoga like I did on that little island off the coast of Cancun. I have taken yoga with many masters around the world, but “Lal,” a spiritual healer and yoga instructor from India taught me more than I could’ve imagined in three days.

“You are not your body”

Over and over again. “You are not your body,” Lal exclaimed. As we went through the 12 Asanas of Vastu yoga, I felt more and more at peace with the fact that my body is just a tool. I can sharpen the tool, and use it to my advantage on this journey through life, but my body does not define who I am. I am much more. I am not my body, nor my mind, nor my intellect, nor my ego. And once I accept this, I can subdue the body. I am light, in its purest form.

This practice consists of 12 asanas, or poses. It is a practice that allows us to “transcend the body and take back our kingdom,” as Lal would say. We begin with stimulating the first chakra with the king of all asanas, and go from there, releasing energy into and through each and every chakra along the way. Conquering fears, releasing stress, letting go of emotions, we are able to come closer to our natural state, pure bliss.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down”

Having fell deeply in love with this practice, I hope to share it with you all. Vastu Yoga will be added to schedule at Ideal Living Studio + I will personally be offering private sessions for this practice.

Daunt’s Albatross Guests will receive private 60 minute lessons for $40 per room ($150 value)

You will learn how to preform the three most beneficial postures in all of Yoga, including headstands, while detoxing your organs + mind of anything that no longer serves you.

For private appointments or to inquire about class schedules, e-mail info@ideallivingstudio.com.

Come, take advantage of our special room rates + our discounted Yoga! (and this incredible weather!)

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