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Top Five Bars and Restaurants to Watch the Sunset in Montauk

We get this probably isn’t the first sunset blog post you’ve seen, but here’s another locals perspective. No two sunsets are alike, and neither are the many unique restaurants and bars that make up Montauk. Here are some of our favorite spots where you can enjoy both…

  1. Montauket

If you’re looking for a casual, easy-going place to check out the sunset, this is right up your alley. The Montauket is a family owned & operated restaurant, bar and motel situated on a hill overlooking Fort Pond Bay, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to experience the peaceful nostalgia of Old Montauk. Here you’ll find the most spectacular sunset views that’ll put even your most artsy friend’s Instagram feed to shame. It’s a great place to grab a drink, reconnect with old friends, and maybe even catch a rare performance by the Three B’s, a locally famous classic rock band.

  1. Duryea’s

Another beautiful spot is Duryea’s, an outdoor restaurant/seafood market also overlooking Fort Pond Bay. Its deck leads to a small pier, perfect for a sunset stroll. Their specialty is lobster, which you can get in basically any form, whether you like a good bisque or a classic lobster roll. The open layout makes you feel like you’re part of the sunset, which is pretty breathtaking until the wind kicks in. Not to worry- they have blankets inside if you get cold. This family-friendly establishment is a great place to bring the kids, the grandparents, and everyone in between.

  1. Crow’s Nest

Our next location takes you over to Lake Montauk, where Crow’s Nest hotel and restaurant provides a nautical European escape from life in Montauk. It’s private lakefront property makes for a great getaway, whether it’s for a weekend or just one night out. Their menu consists of healthy, Mediterranean style food. For anyone who loves cheese as much as we do, you’ll love the burrata, otherwise the oysters are a popular choice. Their unique cocktail menu gives you plenty of options to wash ‘em down with, and with 2 bars onsite you won’t be running low. Though this place can get pretty crowded on the weekends, its mid-week peaceful vibes are suitable for anyone looking to have a good time.

  1. Inlet Seafood Restaurant

If you’re feeling a break from Fort Pond Bay, take a drive down East Lake to Inlet Seafood Restaurant. Their motto is “Respect the Ocean, Harvest the Bounty, Feed the People”, and it couldn’t be more reflective of the experience. Whether you’re sitting on the deck, dining at a window table, or grabbing a drink at the bar, you’ll have a great view of the boats cruising in and out of the harbor, probably on their way to catch your dinner. While Inlet offers a variety of seafood and other options, their sushi is where it’s at. Our personal favorite is the Lady Slipper, but any of their rolls will be sure to satisfy your hunger.

  1. Navy Beach

Navy Beach is located right on Fort Pond Bay, with seating available on the beach itself. Its luxury outdoor couches make it the most comfortable of our top 5 locations. Aside from the tasteful furniture, Navy Beach also has an appetizing menu, with multiple family-style price fixes. Despite their Montauk-typical seafood heavy menu, they also keep their consumers pleased with alternate choices, such as the buttermilk fried chicken. The best part about Navy Beach, however, is that you can take a break from your dinner to dip your toes in the water, or skip a few rocks (or paddle away if the in-laws are just too much to handle).

These might be our top 5 favorites, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars in Montauk to enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding us. And if going out isn’t quite your thing, the sunset isn’t too shabby from the Daunt’s Albatross pool area either. 😉

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