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Reflections from the past, Updates on the Present, and Visions for the Future

Thank you for joining us for our 40th season!

Whether you are new to the Albatross, or have been staying here for years, we would not still be in business without your support. As Montauk changes around us, we have been forced to reflect on how we’ve gotten here, concentrate on what we can do to maintain, and plan out our future course simultaneously. In reality though, our past, present, and future were all paved in the initial motivations of the Albatross, and the “change” in Montauk doesn’t harm that, it reflects it.


A letter from Rich Daunt (Poppy.)

“In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, and the bridge to our future.”

In a nutshell; Richard and Frances Daunt fell in love with Montauk in the 1960’s, and eventually bought a small bungalow on Old Montauk Highway. As their love for this quaint little town grew, they developed a passion for introducing their friends to their hidden paradise. That desire, combined with an innate ability to welcome people into their family, created a revolving door of people dying to come visit. As they left on Sundays to go back to work, they had to wave goodbye to their friends staying behind to enjoy Montauk. This didn’t sit well with them, they liked being the greeters, not the leavers, and eventually, a conversation led to a meeting, which led to a trip to the bank, and low and behold, the Daunt’s Albatross Motel was purchased (1977.) Now there was always room for an extra friend, and Rich and Fran’s Montauk family gradually grew and grew.

This desire to spread Montauk’s beauty and welcome all newcomers is what’s responsible for Montauk becoming what it is now. And while there is of course a sense of nostalgia for what it once was, there is even more excitement for what it has become, and what it is capable of. At the Albatross, we will never waver from our initial motivation, which was to introduce people to the beauty of Montauk through the welcoming of people into the Albatross and by extension into our family.


Our logo isn’t the only thing that has been updated here at the Daunt’s Albatross. 

(But it is pretty cool – Check out our apparel below + treat yo’self to some new and improved Daunt’s Albatross Gear!)

We have always made it a priority to put our guests wants and needs first, and to provide only the best service to anyone who steps through our doors. And like we said earlier, we truly aim to have all guests leave feeling like they are a part of the Daunt family. Providing exceptional service to others doesn’t only include treating each and every guest with love and respect, it includes treating our staff, our town and our establishment with a little TLC as well. Read on to get a little insight on what we have already accomplished here at the Daunt’s Albatross and what we plan to create in the future.

We began with some renovations to our pool area in 2014. Updating the entire space with new grills, plants, furniture and flooring, we have added much more of a comfortable, clean, spacious feeling. Our long time guests have been quite happy with the upgrade! Since we now have the larger space, we are beginning to host some “Family Style” BBQ’s/Events for the staff and the guests to mingle, enjoy some pool-time and maybe even enjoy an outdoor Yoga Class or Hands-on Workshop.

Along with our entire pool area, we have incorporated new additions to each room; including Himalayan Salt Lamps (read below for more info), artwork from local photographers + artists (linked below) and even more updated furniture.

“A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.”

By welcoming people into the Albatross, we hope to give people more than just a bed, or a pool chair, we want to give people a window into how we see Montauk. That’s why we have begun reaching out to more and more of some of our favorite local businesses and artists, in an attempt to show you the best of what the community has to offer.We mentioned above that we have been collaborating with local business’, so it is time to give credit where credit is due. Check out any of the links below to see the local people + business’ that have contributed or plan to contribute to our ever-growing + modernized Daunt’s Albatross Motel.

Last but definitely not least, one of our biggest and most anticipated additions to the Daunt’s Albatross Motel is our new Wellness Studio. This studio has been updated and re-opened by our own family member, Lacey Daunt. The old “Busy Bodies” is now the new “Ideal Living Studio.” Lacey has returned home from Hawaii to pursue her dreams in opening up her own fitness studio. And where better to do it than at the family establishment? Lacey is a certified Health Coach, Pilates + Yoga Instructor. She recently returned from her 3 month trip abroad where she hosted her own Yoga Retreats in Colombia, Greece + Sicily.

Lacey will be offering her own personalized sequences during classes. Between Yoga, Pilates and Sculpt, there will be a class for everyone on the schedule. Best part? Daunt’s Albatross guests will be able to drop in at a discounted rate – $10.

Ok, that might not be THE best part. Another addition we are working on are “Weekend Wellness Retreats.” This will be the Albatross’ first ALL INCLUSIVE weekend getaway. Pay one price and receive it all; Pilates, Holistic Health Workshops, Rejuvenating Salt Lit Yoga, Organic Meals Daily + Accommodation. Vacation doesn’t have to set you back. In-fact, this vacation may even shoot you forward onto your own personal path of health and wellness.


The point of this blog post is to keep you all up to date on the Daunt Albatross’ main goals, and most importantly our vision for where we aim to go. With our renovations, collaborations and new studio all up and running, our vision has never been more clear.

“The Roseto effect is the phenomenon by which a close-knit community experiences a reduced rate of heart disease.”

Is it possible to create a “close-knit” community with the locals, the tourists and everyone in between? We think so, and this, my friends, is our vision.

We aim to make the Daunt’s Albatross a place where anyone and everyone can come together and be family, while also taking into consideration the importance our health and wellness has on our mind, body and soul. But we can’t do that alone. That’s where you all come in. Join our family and let us show you our hidden paradise of a home.

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