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Our Ideal Spring Day in Montauk…

In lieu of the Spring Solstice, we have each one of our Daunt’s Albatross Employees here give you the local insight of their ideal Spring day in Montauk!

Richard Daunt AKA Poppy Daunt: Original owner + buyer of Daunts Albatross! (40 years ago) Father to Jim Daunt, and Grandfather to Leo and Lacey Daunt.

6:30 AM: Wake up and do my stretching.

7 AM: Walk around the lake (Fort Pond).

8:30 AM: Come home & then head down to the beach and walk along the beach enjoying the beautiful view and the peaceful sound of waves rolling into the shoreline.

9:30 AM: A shower then a light breakfast with some coffee.

10:30 AM: Time to relax at the motel.

12 PM: For lunch; “The Dock” restaurant by the fishing fleet.

1 PM: Walk around in the shops up by the harbor.

2 PM: A ride out to light house and again walk the beach at the point .

3 PM: Hang out by the pool if its open or in the courtyard at the Albatross while reading a book.

4 PM: Close my eyes and rest until dinner time.

6:30 PM: Go to one of many wonderful restaurants out here.

8 PM: Finish off the evening walking through downtown as I enjoy my favorite – an ice cream cone from Johns Drive-In. 😎

Lacey Daunt: Reception / Resident Yoga / Pilates Instructor

7 AM: My ideal day would begin with an early wake up call in order to watch the sunrise 100′ from our doors (on the beautiful beach) with our new furry companion, Koda!

8 AM: I would hopefully carve out some time here (or really whenever I can) to write, read or blog. (link below)

9 AM: I would follow this with a Vastu Yoga class. I love this style class because it allows everyone, no matter where they are in their practice, to cheer each other on in the poses.

10:30 AM: After yoga, I would head to Left Hand coffee (link below) for a delicious Latte.

11:30 AM: I am out doorsy as much as possible, so after I grabbed my coffee, I would opt for one of my favorite hikes in town – the Seal Haut trail, across from Camp Hero Road. (Right off 27 – ask our staff for directions)

1 PM: After a fun hike to the seals, I will opt for a delicious lunch salad from one of my favorite organic cafes in town, Naturally Good.

2 PM: During this time I’d go for a bike ride to the cemetery (sounds strange, but theres a beautiful energy there and an amazing view of Montauk.) I love using our tandem bike!

3 PM: Grab a coffee from Herbs (Love the coffee here, too!) and opt for a walk near the lighthouse with Koda (another favorite spot of mine.) Feel free to ask our office staff about directions.

4 PM: Go use the seawater spa and gym at Gurneys. I love the view from the gym, and love the steam room and sauna just as much (maybe more!)

6 PM: Dinner enjoyed at one of the many incredible restaurants in Montauk! There is no shortage of great food in this town, that’s for sure. Below I have linked a few.

7:15 PM: Find me chasing the sunset! Usually by navy beach or the Montaukett!

8:30 PM: Invite some friends for a drink and a night out. Usually beginning at the Point, Shagwong or Gig shack, and ending at Memory or Liars!

Fiorella Vassallo: Reception

7 AM: My ideal spring day would begin with a hike along the dunes at sunrise and a coffee from the Montauk Bake Shoppe. Yum.

9 AM: I would attend yoga at Ideal Living Studio at 9 AM.

10:15 AM: Full body massage at Deborah Thompson Day Spa. Ahhhhh.

11:15 AM: Then I would head to brunch at South Edison

12:15 PM: Brunch would be followed by a walk around fort pond with my sketch book

2 PM: For a mid-day snack, I might get a tuna salad from naturally good and take it down to the beach to eat.

3 PM: After enjoying some food, I would go rock collecting on the same beach (right near the Daunts Albatross). I would make sure to have my markers that draw on any type of surface and draw on the rocks and wood down by the beach during my stroll

6:30 PM: Sunset dinner at Inlet with a their sushi and a big plate of mussels and a pomegranate martini.

9:30 PM: Later…karaoke at Liar’s!

Leo Daunt: Manager

9 AM – I am definitely not a morning person, so my day would start a little later than most. It would begin with me rolling out of bed and walking down to the beach to jump in the ocean.

10 AM – I would get back from a chilly dip in the water and immediately make myself breakfast and head into the office, where I would check in and catch up with whatever staff member is on that day.

11 AM – I would then spend a couple hours planning out how best to implement the vision we have for the current/future state of the Albatross.

12:30 PM – The stomach starts rumbling, I would call up Naturally Good (the local health food store) and order some lunch. I’d grab the pup, and start my little loop of town.

1 PM: First, I’d have to stop by 668 the Gigshack to say whats up to all the staff/family over there. Then, I would swing by and pick up my food, catching up with everyone there, finally scooping up the mail at the post office.

2:30 PM: After lunch, I would grab my pup and head down to Shadmoor to walk the cliffs.

4 PM – Head over to Gurney’s with a couple friends to work out and then take advantage of the salt water pool/steam room/sauna. Side Note – 40$ for a full day for tourists.(Combined with staying at the Albatross – major value.)

7 PM – Pick up the pup and bring her to Navy Road to watch the sunset.

8:30 PM: Followed by a large dinner with family/friends at 668 the Gigshack. Eat/Drink until I can barely crawl out of the Shack and climb into bed.

Karin Johnson: reception 

10 AM: Sleep till 10am, it’s my day off! . No sunrise for me, that’s Lacey’s job, God Bless her.

10:30 AM: If it’s Saturday, head to the rummage at the Montauk Community Church for some bargains. It’s open from 9am to 12noon.

11 AM: Coffee and newspaper at Bliss Kitchen. Cozy outdoor tables and umbrellas.

12 PM: Stroll town; lots of interesting shops- Main street and streets south (towards the ocean)

1 PM: I’m going to my favorite beach at the end of East Lake Drive, Gin Beach. Get a parking pass from the front desk if you decide to go too!

2 PM: You can get a pretty good sandwich from the IGA for $5.99! along with a good variety of salads they make from scratch. Pack a good lunch and take plenty of water.

5 PM: My splurge, later in the day is to stop at Herb’s Market, next to Shagwong Tavern (you may want to stop in there for a beer and some local color) for a prime steak for the BBQ. They get some of the best corn in town too.

7 PM: John’s Drive in will hand pack a quart of their homemade ice cream to take out. They also make delicious ice cream sandwiches for under $2 each.

8 PM: Evening walk on a possibly moonlit beach leading nowhere special. This is Montauk !

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