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5 Health Benefits of an Off Season Stay by the Beach

Health benefits of vacation? Isn’t vacation about slacking off, cheating on your diet and indulging in all things “not so good” for us?

While your vacation may set you back in some ways, it has the power to set you forward in others. Here are your 5 Health Benefits of an Off-Season Stay by the Beach (as if you needed another reason to book your getaway)

#1: Stay Fit 

Stay fit by walking that beautiful beach! Chances are you aren’t going to come to a beach town to sit in your room. You’re going to get out and explore! And it just so happens, walking on the sand requires 2x more energy than walking or even jogging on pavement. With each step, your body requires engagement of more muscles and tendons to stay balanced. This will shape your legs and fire up your core for an added workout. This also means 2x the amount of calories burned. In addition, studies show that people tend to walk further distances on beaches than on pavement or in towns, because it is more difficult to keep track of length.

#2 Natural Vitamin D

It is said that almost 80% of people in the US are Vitamin D deficient. There is one natural way to get Vitamin D, and that is to absorb it through the sun. The moment rays from the sun hit our skin, our body has the ability to create Vitamin D. And that’s when the process begins. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to mood and weight-loss. Studies have linked depression with Vitamin D deficiency. Without this nutrient, we wouldn’t have the ability to absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorus, leaving us with weaker bones. It is recommended to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day, and when you are on a beach town getaway it is almost certain you will exceed that (yes, even on the off season!)

#3 De-Stress

Do I have to explain this one? I’m sure you have all had that ahhhh moment when you take a step onto the beach. Or maybe as you watch the waves, or the stillness of the water. In that moment, your body actually relaxes. Your breathing slows, your blood pressure decreases and your body is no longer pumping the “stress” hormone. Ever heard of Cortisol? It is the hormone released when we are in fear, stressed, anxious, etc.. It is our bodies natural response in trying times, but in this day in age, in many cases there is an overproduction of this “stress” hormone. Prolonged levels of circulating cortisol have directly been linked to brain fog, insomnia, weight gain (especially in the belly), elevated blood pressure, lowered immune function, blood sugar imbalances, and more. So come out, and let your stress melt away on your beach holiday.

#4 Exfoliate 

It is known that sand is one of the best exfoliants in the business. And guess what? It’s free! If you are brave enough, walk the beach barefoot. This will not only exfoliate your feet, but it will stimulate all of your foots’ muscles, which wouldn’t otherwise get used wearing shoes. Don’t feel like going barefoot? Give your hands a manicure by rubbing some sand between them. You will be amazed at how soft they feel after.

#5 Get Grounded

Walking the beach isn’t quite like walking any man-made road. Many people believe that walking on the beach grounds us by re-introducing us to earths naturally higher frequencies that have been diminished by modern lifestyles. By connecting with the earth you will also quickly absorb its electrons, helping to neutralize harmful free-radicals, improving your overall health and slowing down the aging process.


If you book your stay at the Daunt’s Albatross, you can receive a private 60 minute Yoga or Pilates session ($100 value) for a discounted rate of $40 per room. This lesson will take place with our resident yoga instructor, Lacey Daunt at our very own Yoga Studio on premises. Yoga + Pilates have both been shown to provide countless health benefits, ranging from lengthening and strengthening the body to connecting the mind and body through breath.

  1. If you’re still not convinced, feel free to take advantage of our fall specials – some even include getting your stay for as cheap as $59 per night!

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