Montauk by Winter



For years, Montauk has been known as a summer destination – a place to relax, party, dine, and explore. That’s not all Montauk has to offer though. Montauk in the off season is a whole new experience – a chance to escape chaos, submerge into nature, enjoy cosy nights in, and all the locals have to offer. Fortunately, our family at Daunt’s Albatross stay open year-round with special offers and deals to allow you to come and enjoy the experience.


Get in the Christmas spirit this off-season by staying with us at the Albatross, where you can enjoy some off-season specials.

Building exterior 1.jpg

  • Pay 2 nights, get 3rd night free when you book directly through us…yes please

  • Free bottle of wine when you subscribe to our newsletter and book a room…because who doesn’t love wine?

  • Off-season worker special rates…you all work hard enough, so let us help out.

Don’t forget to check-out our Enchanted Christmas Village and decorations when your come by!


Keep them eyes and ears opened this off-season and take full advantage off all the upcoming events. Below are a few events that caught our eye over at the Albatross.

Christmas Events/Activities

December 1st

       Santa Parade through Main St East Hampton @10am, followed by a meet & greet with Santa @ Rowdy Hall @ 11am

Christmas Tree Lighting in East Hampton between 4-6pm

December 7th

          Jingle Bell Hop Benefit @ Salivars where you can enjoy raffle prizes, live music, a hot buffer, happy hour prices and much more. Admission fee.

December 8th

         Citarella Gingerbread House Workshop at Guild Hall, East Hampton @ 11.30 am

Throughout the season

       Visit Montauk’s Lighthouse where you can enjoy a spectacular festive scene

       Cinema & Movie deal with Rowdy Hall where you can enjoy selected meals and a cinema ticket for $20

        Bowling & other activities at the Clubhouse in East Hampton

Hikes & Trails

December 8th

        Seal hikes at Montauk Point State Park @ 1pm where you can discover seals in their natural environment through a series of walks and hikes.

December 15th

        Rod’s Valley Ramble by East Hampton Trails Preservation Society @10am

Our favorite spots

Shadmore State Park

Walking Dunes

Hangar Docks

Just pop into the front office where we can point out any of these trails for you!


Wine & Dine

Nothing kicks off the Christmas season like a good meal and bottle of wine. Fortunately, there are lots of affordable options in Montauk and the surrounding area. Here are a few of our favorites.

Harvest on Fort Pond

          Italian family-style cuisine complemented with a selection of $20 bottles of wine

Muse @ the End

    Enjoy live music as well as an early bird prix fixe menu between 5.30-6.30pm daily

Indian Wells Tavern

        Fajita & Margherita specials on Wednesday nights

Bobby’s Van

        $27 menu for appetizer and entrée Sunday-Thursday


        Two courses for $30 or three courses for $35

1770 House

         $17.70 entrees every Thursday in the Tavern


That’s it for now from us at the Albatross. Hopefully we will be seeing some new and familiar faces over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more of our posts to come.

From, The Daunt’s Albatross Family

Side Note: Pretty cool pictures throughout, right? These were all taken by one of our in-house workers, Ian Cooke. Click here and check out the rest of his work.  

Top Five Bars and Restaurants to Watch the Sunset in Montauk

We get this probably isn’t the first sunset blog post you’ve seen, but here’s another locals perspective. No two sunsets are alike, and neither are the many unique restaurants and bars that make up Montauk. Here are some of our favorite spots where you can enjoy both…


Zoe Blog 1.png

1. Montauket

If you’re looking for a casual, easy-going place to check out the sunset, this is right up your alley. The Montauket is a family owned & operated restaurant, bar and motel situated on a hill overlooking Fort Pond Bay, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to experience the peaceful nostalgia of Old Montauk. Here you’ll find the most spectacular sunset views that’ll put even your most artsy friend’s Instagram feed to shame. It’s a great place to grab a drink, reconnect with old friends, and maybe even catch a rare performance by the Three B’s, a locally famous classic rock band.


Zoe Blog 2.jpg

2. Duryea’s

Another beautiful spot is Duryea’s, an outdoor restaurant/seafood market also overlooking Fort Pond Bay. Its deck leads to a small pier, perfect for a sunset stroll. Their specialty is lobster, which you can get in basically any form, whether you like a good bisque or a classic lobster roll. The open layout makes you feel like you’re part of the sunset, which is pretty breathtaking until the wind kicks in. Not to worry- they have blankets inside if you get cold. This family-friendly establishment is a great place to bring the kids, the grandparents, and everyone in between.


Zoe Blog 3.png

3. Crow’s Nest

Our next location takes you over to Lake Montauk, where Crow’s Nest hotel and restaurant provides a nautical European escape from life in Montauk. It’s private lakefront property makes for a great getaway, whether it’s for a weekend or just one night out. Their menu consists of healthy, Mediterranean style food. For anyone who loves cheese as much as we do, you’ll love the burrata, otherwise the oysters are a popular choice. Their unique cocktail menu gives you plenty of options to wash ‘em down with, and with 2 bars onsite you won’t be running low. Though this place can get pretty crowded on the weekends, its mid-week peaceful vibes are suitable for anyone looking to have a good time.

Zoe Blog 4.png

 4. Inlet Seafood Restaurant

If you’re feeling a break from Fort Pond Bay, take a drive down East Lake to Inlet Seafood Restaurant. Their motto is “Respect the Ocean, Harvest the Bounty, Feed the People”, and it couldn’t be more reflective of the experience. Whether you’re sitting on the deck, dining at a window table, or grabbing a drink at the bar, you’ll have a great view of the boats cruising in and out of the harbor, probably on their way to catch your dinner. While Inlet offers a variety of seafood and other options, their sushi is where it’s at. Our personal favorite is the Lady Slipper, but any of their rolls will be sure to satisfy your hunger.

Zoe Blog 5.png

5. Navy Beach

Navy Beach is located right on Fort Pond Bay, with seating available on the beach itself. Its luxury outdoor couches make it the most comfortable of our top 5 locations. Aside from the tasteful furniture, Navy Beach also has an appetizing menu, with multiple family-style price fixes. Despite their Montauk-typical seafood heavy menu, they also keep their consumers pleased with alternate choices, such as the buttermilk fried chicken. The best part about Navy Beach, however, is that you can take a break from your dinner to dip your toes in the water, or skip a few rocks (or paddle away if the in-laws are just too much to handle).


These might be our top 5 favorites, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars in Montauk to enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding us. And if going out isn’t quite your thing, the sunset isn’t too shabby from the Daunt’s Albatross pool area either. ;)



Our Ideal Summer Day in Montauk

As promised, each season our staff will keep you updated on their favorite things to do in Montauk! We have a big staff this summer, so here goes!

A few shots of our summer thus far!!



5:45 AM: Wake up and watch the matter what season, this is a must for an Ideal Day!

7-11 AM: Attend our continental breakfast, chat with the guests, and get downstairs to our studio to teach a killer class or private lesson - Always starts the day right for me!

11 AM: Get to the beach! A dip in the salt water will make any day the best day...after that

12 PM: Bike ride on our tandem bike up to the harbor, stop and grab lunch somewhere, and ice cream at ben and jerries....continue the bike ride to navy road where I'll jump off the hangar dock!!

3 PM: Lunch of some sort, chosen from any of the many restaurants or cafes in town

6 PM: Drop in to our Paint and Sip by the pool area!!! Sip wine and paint a scene from Montauk (what could be better?)

8 PM: Dinner with friends and family, picnic style on the beach for sunset (Koda incuded - the albatross golden retriever!)

9 PM: Get to bed early.... I am a so much more of a morning person! But if the friends are out for drinks, meet them and socialize...then bed with the boyfriend!




6 AM: Wake up and do my stretches

7 AM: Make a cup of coffee, and watch or read a little bit of news as I sip my coffee

8:30 AM: Head down to the Albatross for the continental breakfast, talk with the guests and enjoy a nice bagel in the courtyard

10 AM: Get to a beach or check out the lighthouse for a nice long walk

1 PM: Make a nice lunch at home, or pick up a sandwich from town

3 PM: Head for a nap in the nice AC at the Daunt Compound

5 PM: Get back to the Albatross, to see everyone, do my rounds, and spend some time with the family

6:30 PM: Have a family dinner at the house or go out to one of our favorite restaurants in town

8 PM: Catch the sunset from any of the beautiful beaches out here  



8 AM: Roll out of bed, throw a bathing suit on, and take Koda (the golden retriever puppy) for a walk down to the beach. Jump in the ocean to wake myself up.

9 AM: On the way back, stop at Naturally Good for breakfast, and Herbs for a coffee. After I got back, I would catch up with whoever is working that day and make sure there are no pressing issues. After that, I would head back down to the beach and either go back to sleep or read whatever book I was reading at the time.

1 PM: Head off the beach and go to Hoodoos for lunch. (The most under-rated unknown food spot in Montauk.) I would probably get a fish bubba and a kombucha,  and then do my rounds around town. Stop at the post office to grab the mail, the bank to deposit checks, and at 668 the Gigshack to catch up with the staff/family there. Once i got back, I would go work out by the pool or grounds on whatever planting we had to do that day. 

5 PM: Head over to one of the many restaurant options in Montauk that has sushi with a boat load of friends and family. Commence sushi intake until I am ready to explode. (Try the lady slipper at Inlet Seafood, its unreal.

8 PM: I would have a slow pitch softball game with the Gigshack team at Lions field, where we would win the championship. ( Hey, ideal day right?) Afterwards, go to the Gigshack to celebrate and pop the bubbly until it was time for bed. 


Our Ideal Spring Day in Montauk...

In lieu of the Spring Solstice, we have each one of our Daunt's Albatross Employees here give you the local insight of their ideal Spring day in Montauk!

Richard Daunt AKA Poppy Daunt: Original owner + buyer of Daunts Albatross! (40 years ago) Father to Jim Daunt, and Grandfather to Leo and Lacey Daunt.

6:30 AM: Wake up and do my stretching.

7 AM: Walk around the lake (Fort Pond).

8:30 AM: Come home & then head down to the beach and walk along the beach enjoying the beautiful view and the peaceful sound of waves rolling into the shoreline.

9:30 AM: A shower then a light breakfast with some coffee.

10:30 AM: Time to relax at the motel.

12 PM: For lunch; "The Dock" restaurant by the fishing fleet.

1 PM: Walk around in the shops up by the harbor.

2 PM: A ride out to light house and again walk the beach at the point .

3 PM: Hang out by the pool if its open or in the courtyard at the Albatross while reading a book.

4 PM: Close my eyes and rest until dinner time.

6:30 PM: Go to one of many wonderful restaurants out here.

8 PM: Finish off the evening walking through downtown as I enjoy my favorite - an ice cream cone from Johns Drive-In. 😎

Lacey Daunt: Reception / Resident Yoga / Pilates Instructor

7 AM: My ideal day would begin with an early wake up call in order to watch the sunrise 100' from our doors (on the beautiful beach) with our new furry companion, Koda!

8 AM: I would hopefully carve out some time here (or really whenever I can) to write, read or blog. (link below)

9 AM: I would follow this with a Vastu Yoga class. I love this style class because it allows everyone, no matter where they are in their practice, to cheer each other on in the poses.

10:30 AM: After yoga, I would head to Left Hand coffee (link below) for a delicious Latte.

11:30 AM: I am out doorsy as much as possible, so after I grabbed my coffee, I would opt for one of my favorite hikes in town - the Seal Haut trail, across from Camp Hero Road. (Right off 27 - ask our staff for directions)

1 PM: After a fun hike to the seals, I will opt for a delicious lunch salad from one of my favorite organic cafes in town, Naturally Good.

2 PM: During this time I'd go for a bike ride to the cemetery (sounds strange, but theres a beautiful energy there and an amazing view of Montauk.) I love using our tandem bike!

3 PM: Grab a coffee from Herbs (Love the coffee here, too!) and opt for a walk near the lighthouse with Koda (another favorite spot of mine.) Feel free to ask our office staff about directions.

4 PM: Go use the seawater spa and gym at Gurneys. I love the view from the gym, and love the steam room and sauna just as much (maybe more!)

6 PM: Dinner enjoyed at one of the many incredible restaurants in Montauk! There is no shortage of great food in this town, that's for sure. Below I have linked a few. 

7:15 PM: Find me chasing the sunset! Usually by navy beach or the Montaukett!

8:30 PM: Invite some friends for a drink and a night out. Usually beginning at the Point, Shagwong or Gig shack, and ending at Memory or Liars!

Fiorella Vassallo: Reception

7 AM: My ideal spring day would begin with a hike along the dunes at sunrise and a coffee from the Montauk Bake Shoppe. Yum.

9 AM: I would attend yoga at Ideal Living Studio at 9 AM.

10:15 AM: Full body massage at Deborah Thompson Day Spa. Ahhhhh.

11:15 AM: Then I would head to brunch at South Edison

12:15 PM: Brunch would be followed by a walk around fort pond with my sketch book

2 PM: For a mid-day snack, I might get a tuna salad from naturally good and take it down to the beach to eat.

3 PM: After enjoying some food, I would go rock collecting on the same beach (right near the Daunts Albatross). I would make sure to have my markers that draw on any type of surface and draw on the rocks and wood down by the beach during my stroll

6:30 PM: Sunset dinner at Inlet with a their sushi and a big plate of mussels and a pomegranate martini.

9:30 PM: Later...karaoke at Liar's!

Leo Daunt: Manager

9 AM - I am definitely not a morning person, so my day would start a little later than most. It would begin with me rolling out of bed and walking down to the beach to jump in the ocean.

10 AM - I would get back from a chilly dip in the water and immediately make myself breakfast and head into the office, where I would check in and catch up with whatever staff member is on that day.

11 AM - I would then spend a couple hours planning out how best to implement the vision we have for the current/future state of the Albatross.

12:30 PM - The stomach starts rumbling, I would call up Naturally Good (the local health food store) and order some lunch. I'd grab the pup, and start my little loop of town.

1 PM: First, I'd have to stop by 668 the Gigshack to say whats up to all the staff/family over there. Then, I would swing by and pick up my food, catching up with everyone there, finally scooping up the mail at the post office.

2:30 PM: After lunch, I would grab my pup and head down to Shadmoor to walk the cliffs. 

4 PM - Head over to Gurney's with a couple friends to work out and then take advantage of the salt water pool/steam room/sauna. Side Note - 40$ for a full day for tourists.(Combined with staying at the Albatross - major value.)

7 PM - Pick up the pup and bring her to Navy Road to watch the sunset.

8:30 PM: Followed by a large dinner with family/friends at 668 the Gigshack. Eat/Drink until I can barely crawl out of the Shack and climb into bed. 

Karin Johnson: reception 

10 AM: Sleep till 10am, it’s my day off! . No sunrise for me, that’s Lacey’s job, God Bless her.

10:30 AM: If it’s Saturday, head to the rummage at the Montauk Community Church for some bargains. It’s open from 9am to 12noon.

11 AM: Coffee and newspaper at Bliss Kitchen. Cozy outdoor tables and umbrellas.

12 PM: Stroll town; lots of interesting shops- Main street and streets south (towards the ocean)

1 PM: I’m going to my favorite beach at the end of East Lake Drive, Gin Beach. Get a parking pass from the front desk if you decide to go too!

2 PM: You can get a pretty good sandwich from the IGA for $5.99! along with a good variety of salads they make from scratch. Pack a good lunch and take plenty of water.

5 PM: My splurge, later in the day is to stop at Herb’s Market, next to Shagwong Tavern (you may want to stop in there for a beer and some local color) for a prime steak for the BBQ. They get some of the best corn in town too.

7 PM: John’s Drive in will hand pack a quart of their homemade ice cream to take out. They also make delicious ice cream sandwiches for under $2 each.

8 PM: Evening walk on a possibly moonlit beach leading nowhere special. This is Montauk ! 

Why We Travel and Why You Should Too

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

Leo and Lacey here, we are about to head out on a trip to New Zealand, and felt compelled to give you all a little reason + the push you may need to book your trips too!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

Why I Travel: By Lacey Daunt

It's so much more than the epic views, the beautiful scenery and the lack of "work." Of course I travel to see what beauty is out there, but I travel mostly to be reminded of what is within me.

Traveling has made me a stronger individual because it has taught me to keep it together in moments where it all feels like its falling apart.

It has reminded me of love in moments where it feels (and looks) as if I am on my death bed on a remote island off Indonesia where no one speaks a lick of english, yet my home stay mom rushes me to the closest doctor and keeps watch over me all night.

It has reminded me what happiness is when I am wandering the streets of Colombia and the children without shoes, clean clothes, or clean water are running around playing in the mud outside of their homes (without roofs). 

It has reminded me what gratitude means when I find myself being taken to a hospital in London with a friend I had just met only weeks prior.

It has reminded me the importance of companionship when I am watching couples hand in hand relaxing in the beautiful scenic parks of Rome.

It has taught me how to lead a judgement free lifestyle when I am forced to teach, live and get to know those that I may not have chosen at first sight. 

And above all, it always keeps me thankful to come home to such a beautiful place. To come home to my family and friends. It allows me to learn how to release attachment, yet still love and be grateful for everything I have been blessed with in my life. 

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Why I Travel: By Leo Daunt

I have a routine. I wake up in my comfortable bed, with my comfy sheets and pillows, and make the same breakfast, have the same coffee, and take the same shower every day. I work, I play, I eat dinner, and I sleep, rinse repeat. It’s home, it feels good, I feel safe. It’s comfortable. That’s why I travel, to break that comfort zone. On every trip, whether it’s for two days or five weeks, multiple things are bound to go wrong. Cars break down, busses are late, arguments arise. Things can become uncomfortable quickly. Good. Striving for more is inherently uncomfortable. Emotional, financial, and personal growth is not guaranteed, it needs to be pushed for, chances need to be taken.

Sometimes you fail miserably, sometimes you win. Sometimes the trail to the left never leads to the scenic overlook the guy in the lodge promised you. You get turned around 14 times, wind up caught in a torrential rain storm, and trudge back to your place soaked and disappointed. But you know what, that is the story you tell when you get back. So, next time you feel yourself getting too comfortable, don’t think about all the things that could go wrong, all the potential roadblocks you might hit. Don’t travel for the social media fame, or to be known as “the guy/girl who’s been everywhere.” Travel to feel uncomfortable, to realize that the strangest moments in life have a way of turning into your best memories.

Five reasons to make Daunts Albatross your destination

1. It's Home - For us, and for you.

40 Years ago Poppy and Meme (aka Richard and Frances Daunt) bought our motel on the basis of housing friends and family in their favorite town. Our guests aren't just guests, you aren't going to a corporate business, you aren't just a number (no hate on the corporations, though!) - you are staying at a family owned motel, in which the family still resides. This makes you family as well.

2. It's pet friendly!

We love furry friends. That is why our entire outside property allows pets and we have singled out a few rooms in which we allow pets in. Call to book a pet friendly room!

3. We are steps away from a beautiful sunrise, and gorgeous sunset.

The sunrise from the beach 100' from our door is unreal. I can vouch for this because I watch it every morning. The sunsets from our location are even more beautiful. Check out our instagram if you don't believe me @dauntsalbatrossmotel.

4. Get your yoga on

Our vision for the future is to move in the direction of health and wellness. This is why we have put so much work into opening a new Yoga Studio and running affordable private lessons for all guests. Get $10 class rates and discounted private lessons per room. Can't get any better than that.

5. Experience Montauk

Montauk is one of a kind. It's not only the place that the movie "Jaws" is based on (and now the most popular "Stranger Things."), but it's a place filled with some incredible history, some breath taking views and some even better people.

Use Promo Code SNOW for the months of January + February and receive 10% off your entire stay!

To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.

10 Reasons to Get Up and Go

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

1. Traveling teaches you about yourself.

The choices you make while traveling help teach you who you are in a way that can only be learned while on the road.

2. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone

There's nothing like being thrown into a situation where you are grilling next to complete strangers that you are forced to start up a conversation with. I know I can vouch for countless guests who have made great companions at our location doing that same thing!

3. Traveling allows you to create life-long friends

See above^ But really, the people you meet and the relationships you develop on the road tend to become some of the most significant bonds in your entire life. They also become a new place for you to visit along the way.

4. Traveling builds character and creates strength

The road away from the comfort of our own home is never paved beautifully. There are cracks and pot holes along the way. Each one of these trials and tribulations makes us a stronger individual upon our return.

5. Traveling allows you to see incredible places that you may not otherwise see

Whether its a mountain, or an ocean or a historical building, traveling allows you too witness all of the beautiful wonders of the world.

6. Traveling educates you

Whether you're going for an educational trip or not, there's no way you aren't going to pick up a few different facts about the places you're visiting along the way.

7. Traveling immerses you in other cultures

Culture shock is a thing! Traveling forces you to dive into and learn about cultures all around the world - or even the habits of people only towns away from you.

8. Traveling leaves you with unforgettable memories

No matter what you do or where you go, the stories you have after traveling are with you for life. And that is priceless.

9. Traveling helps you develop skills you didn't know you had

Traveling breaks you out of your shell and while it does this it helps you develop skills. Whether you're learning to surf here in Montauk, or learning to fish on on of our viking boats. You're bound to do things you have yet to try at home.

10. Traveling makes you appreciate what you have

Probably one of the best reasons to travel. It'll make you miss home and appreciate home more than you would having never left. So what are you waiting for?


Follow our journey below!

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7 Things to do During Montauks Winter Months

Have a few days to get away this off season? Don't know where to go? Take advantage of our fall specials, and come check out these "to-do's" in our quaint little town of Montauk, NY. 

#1 - Explore Montauk Town & Harbor: 

During the summer months, Montauk town is a mad house. People are littering the beaches and the harbor. Exploring is difficult when it takes 30 minutes to pick up your egg sandwich in the morning. Visiting Montauk in the off-season allows you to take your time strolling through town. If it's December, grab a coffee and check out the holiday decorations provided by yours truly. For the last 25 years, you could've caught one of the Daunt's decorating and lighting of all of the mini-Christmas tree's lining the town.

What can we say, we truly value the holidays and love a little holiday spirit. We also have a full personal holiday display in our office. Feel free to check it out! (I guess you can say for us, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.)

#2 - Attend Events in the Area

The Montauk Chamber of Commerce is really great at keeping us all up to date with events going on year-round in Montauk. Feel free to take advantage of these events with family and friends! (See link below for more information.)

#3 - Visit Montauk Point Lighthouse

The oldest lighthouse in all of New York State resides on the Eastern most tip of long island, Montauk. The Montauk lighthouse, once commissioned by George Washington, includes trails to hike around the grounds, and offers a great amount of history. 

#4 - Check out the puzzling grounds of "Camp Hero"

Camp hero is a historic Army/Airforce Base located just before the Lighthouse. There are countless mixed reviews about this mysterious place. Some people believe it is still active, others believe that is just a myth the locals spread to scare away the tourists. Explore the old homes, grounds and bunkers and decide for yourself.

#5 - Sunrises and Sunsets 

Of course you can watch these beautiful phenomenons from anywhere in the world, but we promise they will not be as beautiful as they are in Montauk. Montauk is known to be one of the most beautiful places on the island to catch a sunrise or sunset. And in the off season the sun rises later (for all of you night owls), and sets earlier (for all of you early birds!) They also tend to be even more beautiful this time of year.  Spoiler alert: Catch the sunrise from the beach 100' from our doors! (Photos above)

#6 - Bundle up and Hike the Trails

Just because it is colder, doesn't mean that the beautiful off-the-grid trails are off limits. Sometimes the winter time is the best time to explore the incredible nature Montauk has to offer. Wear some extra layers and check out Shadmoore state Park, or the Seal Haut Trail, both located off Rt. 27 heading East. 

#7 - Try Something New

Drop into any of our classes at Ideal Living Studio (located on premises) for $10. Relax, detox, rejuvenate with a Yin style Yoga class, De-stress and open your chakras with a Vastu class, or sweat it out in a Pilates style class. Inquire about our schedule via Visit our studio website and our resident Yoga teachers website via the links below. 


Have we convinced you to join us this off season? If you're still on the fence, visit our fall special page below and take advantage of our last minute deals!

Vastu Yoga - Ideal Living Studio

A note from our Resident Yoga Instructor, Lacey Daunt;

Recently, I took a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I expected this trip to be like any other vacation - lots of lounging, desserts, and exercise only in the form of re-filling my pina colada - but, to my surprise, I was completely wrong in that assumption. 

Vastu Yoga

Vastu - Which translates into "Energy" is a type of Yoga that's sequence is based around creating space in the body + mind. 

Yoga, in my experience, has always been about connecting the mind + body through breath. It has brought me light on my darkest days. 

Yoga allows us to get closer and closer to reaching our highest self and our truest form - and I have never quite experienced yoga like I did on that little island off the coast of Cancun. I have taken yoga with many masters around the world, but "Lal," a spiritual healer and yoga instructor from India taught me more than I could've imagined in three days.

"You are not your body"

Over and over again. "You are not your body," Lal exclaimed. As we went through the 12 Asanas of Vastu yoga, I felt more and more at peace with the fact that my body is just a tool. I can sharpen the tool, and use it to my advantage on this journey through life, but my body does not define who I am. I am much more. I am not my body, nor my mind, nor my intellect, nor my ego. And once I accept this, I can subdue the body. I am light, in its purest form.

This practice consists of 12 asanas, or poses. It is a practice that allows us to "transcend the body and take back our kingdom," as Lal would say. We begin with stimulating the first chakra with the king of all asanas, and go from there, releasing energy into and through each and every chakra along the way. Conquering fears, releasing stress, letting go of emotions, we are able to come closer to our natural state, pure bliss. 

"Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down"

Having fell deeply in love with this practice, I hope to share it with you all. Vastu Yoga will be added to schedule at Ideal Living Studio + I will personally be offering private sessions for this practice. 

Daunt's Albatross Guests will receive private 60 minute lessons for $40 per room ($150 value)

You will learn how to preform the three most beneficial postures in all of Yoga, including headstands, while detoxing your organs + mind of anything that no longer serves you. 

For private appointments or to inquire about class schedules, e-mail

Come, take advantage of our special room rates + our discounted Yoga! (and this incredible weather!)

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What You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps + Why They are So Good for You

Here at the Daunt's Albatross, we provide the option to be given a salt lamp to place in your room as an addition to your stay. 










Salt Lit Yoga

Salt Lit Yoga

PS. Try our guests favorite "Salt Lit Yoga"! This "Yin" Style private lesson features deep tissue stretches and is solely lit by our Himalayan Salt Lamps. Allow your body to enjoy all of the benefits of these lamps while deepening your mind / body connection through this wonderful practice. Special $40 price ($150 value) for Daunts Albatross guests only**

E-mail to book your private or group appointment.  

Learn more about our resident Yoga instructor + Yoga Studio below!

Have we caught your interest? If so, feel free to check out Montauks very own Salt Cave below! Book your 60 minute session in a cave where salt lines the walls, ceilings and floor!

5 Health Benefits of an Off Season Stay by the Beach

Daunts Albatross Motel, Montauk, NY

Daunts Albatross Motel, Montauk, NY

Health benefits of vacation? Isn't vacation about slacking off, cheating on your diet and indulging in all things "not so good" for us?

While your vacation may set you back in some ways, it has the power to set you forward in others. Here are your 5 Health Benefits of an Off-Season Stay by the Beach (as if you needed another reason to book your getaway)

#1: Stay Fit 

Stay fit by walking that beautiful beach! Chances are you aren't going to come to a beach town to sit in your room. You're going to get out and explore! And it just so happens, walking on the sand requires 2x more energy than walking or even jogging on pavement. With each step, your body requires engagement of more muscles and tendons to stay balanced. This will shape your legs and fire up your core for an added workout. This also means 2x the amount of calories burned. In addition, studies show that people tend to walk further distances on beaches than on pavement or in towns, because it is more difficult to keep track of length. 


#2 Natural Vitamin D

It is said that almost 80% of people in the US are Vitamin D deficient. There is one natural way to get Vitamin D, and that is to absorb it through the sun. The moment rays from the sun hit our skin, our body has the ability to create Vitamin D. And that's when the process begins. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to mood and weight-loss. Studies have linked depression with Vitamin D deficiency. Without this nutrient, we wouldn't have the ability to absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorus, leaving us with weaker bones. It is recommended to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day, and when you are on a beach town getaway it is almost certain you will exceed that (yes, even on the off season!)

#3 De-Stress

Do I have to explain this one? I'm sure you have all had that ahhhh moment when you take a step onto the beach. Or maybe as you watch the waves, or the stillness of the water. In that moment, your body actually relaxes. Your breathing slows, your blood pressure decreases and your body is no longer pumping the "stress" hormone. Ever heard of Cortisol? It is the hormone released when we are in fear, stressed, anxious, etc.. It is our bodies natural response in trying times, but in this day in age, in many cases there is an overproduction of this "stress" hormone. Prolonged levels of circulating cortisol have directly been linked to brain fog, insomnia, weight gain (especially in the belly), elevated blood pressure, lowered immune function, blood sugar imbalances, and more. So come out, and let your stress melt away on your beach holiday.

#4 Exfoliate 

It is known that sand is one of the best exfoliants in the business. And guess what? It's free! If you are brave enough, walk the beach barefoot. This will not only exfoliate your feet, but it will stimulate all of your foots' muscles, which wouldn't otherwise get used wearing shoes. Don't feel like going barefoot? Give your hands a manicure by rubbing some sand between them. You will be amazed at how soft they feel after. 

#5 Get Grounded

Walking the beach isn't quite like walking any man-made road. Many people believe that walking on the beach grounds us by re-introducing us to earths naturally higher frequencies that have been diminished by modern lifestyles. By connecting with the earth you will also quickly absorb its electrons, helping to neutralize harmful free-radicals, improving your overall health and slowing down the aging process. 


If you book your stay at the Daunt's Albatross, you can receive a private 60 minute Yoga or Pilates session ($100 value) for a discounted rate of $40 per room. This lesson will take place with our resident yoga instructor, Lacey Daunt at our very own Yoga Studio on premises. Yoga + Pilates have both been shown to provide countless health benefits, ranging from lengthening and strengthening the body to connecting the mind and body through breath. 

PS. If you're still not convinced, feel free to take advantage of our fall specials - some even include getting your stay for as cheap as $59 per night!

Reflections from the past, Updates on the Present, and Visions for the Future.

Thank you for joining us for our 40th season!

Whether you are new to the Albatross, or have been staying here for years, we would not still be in business without your support. As Montauk changes around us, we have been forced to reflect on how we’ve gotten here, concentrate on what we can do to maintain, and plan out our future course simultaneously. In reality though, our past, present, and future were all paved in the initial motivations of the Albatross, and the “change” in Montauk doesn’t harm that, it reflects it.


A letter from Rich Daunt (Poppy.)

"In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, and the bridge to our future."

In a nutshell; Richard and Frances Daunt fell in love with Montauk in the 1960’s, and eventually bought a small bungalow on Old Montauk Highway. As their love for this quaint little town grew, they developed a passion for introducing their friends to their hidden paradise. That desire, combined with an innate ability to welcome people into their family, created a revolving door of people dying to come visit. As they left on Sundays to go back to work, they had to wave goodbye to their friends staying behind to enjoy Montauk. This didn’t sit well with them, they liked being the greeters, not the leavers, and eventually, a conversation led to a meeting, which led to a trip to the bank, and low and behold, the Daunt's Albatross Motel was purchased (1977.) Now there was always room for an extra friend, and Rich and Fran’s Montauk family gradually grew and grew.

This desire to spread Montauk’s beauty and welcome all newcomers is what's responsible for Montauk becoming what it is now. And while there is of course a sense of nostalgia for what it once was, there is even more excitement for what it has become, and what it is capable of. At the Albatross, we will never waver from our initial motivation, which was to introduce people to the beauty of Montauk through the welcoming of people into the Albatross and by extension into our family. 


Our logo isn't the only thing that has been updated here at the Daunt's Albatross. 

(But it is pretty cool - Check out our apparel below + treat yo'self to some new and improved Daunt's Albatross Gear!)

We have always made it a priority to put our guests wants and needs first, and to provide only the best service to anyone who steps through our doors. And like we said earlier, we truly aim to have all guests leave feeling like they are a part of the Daunt family. Providing exceptional service to others doesn't only include treating each and every guest with love and respect, it includes treating our staff, our town and our establishment with a little TLC as well. Read on to get a little insight on what we have already accomplished here at the Daunt's Albatross and what we plan to create in the future. 

We began with some renovations to our pool area in 2014. Updating the entire space with new grills, plants, furniture and flooring, we have added much more of a comfortable, clean, spacious feeling. Our long time guests have been quite happy with the upgrade! Since we now have the larger space, we are beginning to host some "Family Style" BBQ's/Events for the staff and the guests to mingle, enjoy some pool-time and maybe even enjoy an outdoor Yoga Class or Hands-on Workshop.

Along with our entire pool area, we have incorporated new additions to each room; including Himalayan Salt Lamps (read below for more info), artwork from local photographers + artists (linked below) and even more updated furniture. 

"A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another."

By welcoming people into the Albatross, we hope to give people more than just a bed, or a pool chair, we want to give people a window into how we see Montauk. That’s why we have begun reaching out to more and more of some of our favorite local businesses and artists, in an attempt to show you the best of what the community has to offer.We mentioned above that we have been collaborating with local business', so it is time to give credit where credit is due. Check out any of the links below to see the local people + business' that have contributed or plan to contribute to our ever-growing + modernized Daunt's Albatross Motel.

Last but definitely not least, one of our biggest and most anticipated additions to the Daunt's Albatross Motel is our new Wellness Studio. This studio has been updated and re-opened by our own family member, Lacey Daunt. The old "Busy Bodies" is now the new "Ideal Living Studio." Lacey has returned home from Hawaii to pursue her dreams in opening up her own fitness studio. And where better to do it than at the family establishment? Lacey is a certified Health Coach, Pilates + Yoga Instructor. She recently returned from her 3 month trip abroad where she hosted her own Yoga Retreats in Colombia, Greece + Sicily.

Lacey will be offering her own personalized sequences during classes. Between Yoga, Pilates and Sculpt, there will be a class for everyone on the schedule. Best part? Daunt's Albatross guests will be able to drop in at a discounted rate - $10. 

Ok, that might not be THE best part. Another addition we are working on are "Weekend Wellness Retreats." This will be the Albatross' first ALL INCLUSIVE weekend getaway. Pay one price and receive it all; Pilates, Holistic Health Workshops, Rejuvenating Salt Lit Yoga, Organic Meals Daily + Accommodation. Vacation doesn't have to set you back. In-fact, this vacation may even shoot you forward onto your own personal path of health and wellness. 


The point of this blog post is to keep you all up to date on the Daunt Albatross' main goals, and most importantly our vision for where we aim to go. With our renovations, collaborations and new studio all up and running, our vision has never been more clear.

"The Roseto effect is the phenomenon by which a close-knit community experiences a reduced rate of heart disease."

Is it possible to create a "close-knit" community with the locals, the tourists and everyone in between? We think so, and this, my friends, is our vision.

We aim to make the Daunt's Albatross a place where anyone and everyone can come together and be family, while also taking into consideration the importance our health and wellness has on our mind, body and soul. But we can't do that alone. That's where you all come in. Join our family and let us show you our hidden paradise of a home.

Besides, who wouldn't want to come stay in Montauk with sunsets like this every night?


All Photos by Anthony Daunt (@dauntphotography)

All Photos by Anthony Daunt (@dauntphotography)

So you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to get away for a weekend, and i would love to head to Montauk and stay at Daunt’s Albatross Motel but i have no idea what’s going on in the winter!”

Well getting here is the first step. Luckily, there is no shortage of public transportation.

Here are some links to get you closer to your weekend getaway in Montauk.

Hampton Jitney

Long Island Rail Road

Helicopter. Hey, you never know.

Now that you have a way out here, we hope you decide to stay with us!

We have great winter rates that you can only get in the off-season, along with great specials!

“Pay for two, get the third night free!”

Take advantage of a free night when you book three nights direct with us!

To redeem, call the Albatross directly (631) 668-2729 or Online using “Pay 2, 1 Free” in the booking notes!

“Mid Week/Fishing Special”

Come stay with us Sunday – Friday from November through April for just $329 plus tax!

To redeem, call the Albatross  directly (631) 668-2729 or Online using 5NIGHTDEAL in the booking notes!

Everyone thinks that everything closes after August. What they don’t realize is that there are PLENTY of places to eat and drink. (feel free to click on their website links for more info & menus)

Have a nice sit-down dinner:

The Harvest
Muse at the end
East by Northeast
Swallow East

Grab Lunch:

Point Bar & Grill
O’Murphy’s Pub
The Salt Box

Pick up food:

Sausage’s Pizza
Pizza Village
Wok N Roll
Herbs Market
Naturally Good Foods and Cafe 
Gringos Burrito Grill 

Grab Coffee (and bagels):

Left Hand Coffee
Bliss! Kitchen
Goldberg’s Bagels
John’s Pancake House

Have a Drink:

Montauk Brew Co
The Point Bar and Grill
Liars Saloon
O’Murphy’s Pub


Visit the Montauk Point Lighthouse which was built in 1979. The lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and it is the oldest lighthouse in the state of NY.
Beach It: The ocean is literally around the corner from the Daunt’s Albatross Motel.
Ice Skate with an ocean view at Gurney’s Resort located off of the old Montauk Highway.
Visit Gosman’s Dock founded in 1943 by Robert and Mary Gosman.
Deep Hollow Ranch: The oldest working ranch in the US. Go Horseback riding!
Camp Hero: Explore what is left of a decommissioned army base with plenty of trails rich in history.
Shadmoor State Park: Trails located on the bluffs at Ditch Planes, a famous surf spot.
Navy Road Park: Located on the sound side of Montauk, Navy Road is a scenic spot to watch the sunset.
Seal Haul out Trail: A popular trail that leads you to the beach where Harbor Seals enjoy sunbathing.

Or, do absolutely nothing!

Montauk is great for peace and quiet too.

Come out, turn off your phone and put your feet up.

Autumn in Montauk

All Photos shot by Anthony Daunt (@dauntphotography)

All Photos shot by Anthony Daunt (@dauntphotography)

 We get a lot of questions regarding what there is to do in Montauk during the “off season”. Everyone who asks us this question doesn’t realize Montauk is truly the most remarkable during this time. Without the continuous crowds, there is actually room to enjoy Montauk in it’s simplest form.


Getting here is simple. You can drive out, train out, take the ferry out or bus out. You could also walk, but we don’t recommend it. Public transportation seems pretty convenient to us.


Everyone thinks that everything closes after August. What they don’t realize is that there are PLENTY of places to eat and drink. (feel free to click on their website links for more info & menus)

Have a nice sit-down dinner:

Grab Lunch:

Pick up food:

Grab Coffee (and bagels):

Have a Drink:


  • Visit the Montauk Point Lighthouse which was built in 1979. The lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and it is the oldest lighthouse in the state of NY.
  • Beach It: The ocean is literally around the corner from the Daunt’s Albatross Motel.
  • Ice Skate with an ocean view at Gurney’s Resort located off of the old Montauk Highway.
  • Visit Gosman’s Dock founded in 1943 by Robert and Mary Gosman.
  • Deep Hollow Ranch: The oldest working ranch in the US. Go Horseback riding!
  • Camp Hero: Explore what is left of a decommissioned army base with plenty of trails rich in history. 
  • Shadmoor State Park: Trails located on the bluffs at Ditch Planes, a famous surf spot. 
  • Navy Road Park: Located on the sound side of Montauk, Navy Road is a scenic spot to watch the sunset. 
  • Seal Haul out Trail: A popular trail that leads you to the beach where Harbor Seals enjoy sunbathing.


We hope this gave you a better idea of what it’s like to experience Montauk in the fall.

We hope to see you soon!

-Daunt’s Albatross Motel

spring has sprung, and montauk is blooming!

All Photos by Anthony Daunt (@dauntphotography)

All Photos by Anthony Daunt (@dauntphotography)

Adventure, freedom, tranquility and serenity. That basically sums up what spring time in Montauk is like. The vibe is changing as much as the weather this time of the year and everybody is getting the feeling. That feeling to get outside and start exploring. Hibernation has ended and the time for adventure is now! Perhaps the most beautiful time of the year, spring in Montauk opens up all the possibilities that the town has to offer. The weather is warm, the air is crisp and all over town people are buzzing knowing that shorts & flip flops are about to become the norm. What better way to experience this than with a stay right in the middle of it all here with us.

With even more trains, planes and auto-mobile’s than ever, there’s no reason to stress over how you’ll get here.

All roads lead to the Albatross

We have great spring rates that you can only get in the off-season, along with great specials!

“Pay for two, get the third night free!”

Take advantage of a free night when you book three nights direct with us!

To redeem, call the Albatross directly (631) 668-2729 or Online using “Pay 2, 1 Free” in the booking notes!

“Mid Week/Fishing Special”

Come stay with us Sunday – Friday from November through April for just $329 plus tax!

To redeem, call the Albatross  directly (631) 668-2729 or Online using 5NIGHTDEAL in the booking notes!

There is a lot going on from now till Memorial Day, Look what there is to do in the months to come…


Bird watching

Almost all restaurants will be open! Yum!


19th- 7th Annual Montauk Music Festival, Opening party 8pm

20th, 21st, 22nd- Montauk Music Festival-Festival Info

27th, 28th, 29th- Montauk Artists Association Art Show On The Green

28th- Starting of the Montauk Community Church Rummage- Every Saturday 9am-12noon untill Labor Day weekend.


9th- Farmers Market Begins every Thursday 9am-2pm

11th- Mighty Montauk Triathlon

12th-Blessing of the Fleet


Visit the Montauk Point Lighthouse which was built in 1979. The lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and it is the oldest lighthouse in the state of NY.

Beach It: The ocean is only one block from the Daunt’s Albatross Motel.
Ice Skate: with an ocean view at Gurney’s Resort located off of the old Montauk Highway.
Visit Gosman’s Dock founded in 1943 by Robert and Mary Gosman.
Deep Hollow Ranch: The oldest working ranch in the US. Go Horseback riding!
Camp Hero: Explore what is left of a decommissioned army base with plenty of trails rich in history.
Shadmoor State Park: Trails located on the bluffs at Ditch Planes, a famous surf spot.
Navy Road Park: Located on the sound side of Montauk, Navy Road is a scenic spot to watch the sunset.
Seal Haul Out Trail: A popular trail that leads you to the beach where Harbor Seals enjoy sunbathing.

Whatever you like to do, this time of year you can be sure to do it. There is no place like Montauk, and there is no time like now. Come join us for a time you wont soon forget. We hope to see you soon!!